Bottle of Smartness

No matter how cool you think you look with a bottle of Evian or Bling h2o; in the boardroom you are going to be trapped with a lowly PET bottle! Unless you get smart enough to invest in great ideas like the Metamorphose. It is a bottle filter system with a unique skin that scrolls down to cover up a regular looking bottle. In a jiffy you transform an ordinary bottle to something sleek and spectacular, and one with eco-sense. The filter system extends the PET bottle’s regular life up to 10 times and yet manages to make it look sexy. It even fits well in your bag; I want one now!

Designer: Nadim Inaty


  • Rob says:

    A nice idea for those label conscious water bottle users, but it has a very complicated and phallic use cycle that may turn some users off (mind the pun).

  • bavith says:

    but how will you filter with that thin layer.. can u explain

  • Jimmy C says:

    Seems good. Not sure I understand the filter part though.

  • Nadim Inaty says:

    ok guys thank you first 🙂 and second let me explain to you the filtration thing.
    Filtrete is a fast filtration technology created by 3M.
    until now they are using it in a pitcher and in a water station (you can google them)
    the project here was to explore the technology they have for water on the go.
    i ended up making a tube shape to use a maximum filtration area with a minimum occupied space and to take advantage of the soft material of the filter to make it collapsible so that we end up having a very a compact product easy to fit in any bag

  • Juli says:

    I really like this idea but I have a concern on the reusing of plastic water bottles, I was told it was unsafe to reuse the bottle more than a few times as the plastic starts to deteriate

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