Lone (as in 1)

Lone is a Midi controller stripped back to its simplest form: a single knob! This handcrafted knob is for the musician that doesn’t require a large set up for a performance and is perfect for mapping and controlling single inputs. Its aim is to bring a sense of personality to an object that is often complex and mechanical, giving it a new interpretation through craft and aesthetic while maintaining its musical functionality.

Designer: Jack Redpath


  • Klaus Mischewski says:

    Love the originality – from something in which is so terribly complex, to something that takes you back to the origins of sound.
    Aesthetics are great too!

  • Name*Gareth says:

    Great idea – all the best with this

  • Brian T says:

    I would totally buy one of these. I have been looking for a one knob midi controller to be my DAW volume knob forever. Nobody makes one. If you make this please let me know and I will buy one from you.

  • Zen Zenaya says:

    Hi 🙂

    Where can i buy this nice device ?


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