Lil’bitty Light Sensor

Access to a good light meter can make or a break a photo, but the designs are often bulky, archaic in user-friendliness, and expensive. The Lumu light meter is reduced to the size of the round sensor, eliminating the need for a separate handheld device. Instead, it works with your smartphone using a dedicated app for taking luminance measurements with a spectral response sensor that works like the human eye. Why not, since you already have your phone with you?!

There is no darkness too dark and no light too bright which Lumu can’t measure!  It’s not just about getting your measurement right… Lumu’s app enables the light meter to use all the cool features smartphones already have. By saving it to a cloud you are able to track your progress. Save all the data about the moment you shoot, including: location, voice record, note, picture, photo parameters, and many more. The app is made to support your creative process, not to stand in your way.

Designer: Lumu Labs

Manufacturing Lumu from Lumu Meter on Vimeo.