Pump Up The Jam

A wise man once said, “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” How many of us can really ‘hear’ the music – the true sublime sound! This is one industry that continues to innovate and expand with the next best invention. Today we take a look at the Kusky™ Electroluminescent GloSync™ Headphones, which are the World’s first ever lifestyle headphones with a patented dynamic glosync technology.

Living up to their claim of headphones that promise supreme sound quality, the patented Kusky EL GloSync Headphones feature enhanced advancements in noise reduction technology. In lay terms it means that they are the quietest set that you can lay your hands on.

The superior sound quality is literally translated as intense sounds that provide a luxurious sound experience and a wide range of frequencies within your music. For the audiophile in you these magic words should be enough – crisp, pure audio integrity for crystal clear highs, explosive signature bass and sensationally true mids!

Thanks to the advanced EL Glow technology, these headphones will set you apart from the rest. Go ahead and create a mesmerizing sight by spinning your music while the Kusky™ GloSync™ cables flash in synch to the beat of the song. Very handy if you decide on a late night run!


  • On a full charge the Kusky GloSync can last up to 5 hours of continuous play.
  • The Built-in Microphones come with Smart Voice Commands.
  • The headphones are constructed with supreme quality hardware components and material finish.
  • The headphones are collapsible and are extremely durable.
  • Advanced ear cushions utilize new and distinct materials in a proprietary design to establish a critical acoustical seal.
  • This further reduces noise and provides a comfortable fit, blocking most of the outside noise, which may interfere with your jams.

Designer: KS Trend [ Buy It Here ]