Plants For Naturally Clean Air

Air Drop, is a concept that dwells on providing purified air in an urban landscape. The idea is to use Air plants or Tillandsias, which are the most effective plants for absorbing gaseous pollutants in the air. Crafted to look elegant planters that are hung from the ceiling, the Air Drop is a solar powered air filtration system uses sunlight to sustain itself.

2013 Electrolux Design Lab semi-finalists Jillian explains, “The idea behind the Air Drop is to allow for more space in smaller city apartments, as well as provide its user with the cleanest air possible using two filtration methods.”

  • The first method uses a typical filter to reduce actual particles that exist in the air. These particles come from items like candles and pets.
  • The second method of filtration is the growth of air plants. Air plants are plants that can thrive with only sunlight and air. An air plant is more effective than a typical plant, which uses soil because the soil can harbor dust and mildew, two common allergens. According to a NASA study, indoor plants prove very effective at controlling indoor air pollution. They can absorb gasses such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene.

Designer: Jillian Tackaberry