Hyper Vehicle for the Senses

The Koenigsegg Prestera was designed with one purpose in mind… thrills! Inspired by extreme sports, the vehicle triggers the driver’s adrenaline with a dynamic carving and shifting weight balance system that creates stability in turns and exhilaration in the driver’s seat. Tucked in the cockpit, the driving experience is closer to that of riding a motorcycle or even a horse. This creates a deep connection between driver and machine where even the smallest movements are shared.

The Prestera enhances the private vehicle experience with intuition based operation that uses natural motions of mobility while giving the vehicle a mutual role of control. This allows the driver to experience deeper sensations without risk of accident.

Sustainable efficiency utilizes a renewable energy source that with photovoltaics continuously recharge compressed air for the pneumatic rotor engine while low friction vehicle dynamics increase efficiency. Frictionless air bearings, magnetic levitation wheels and a carbon fibre spaceframe chassis wrapped in a active ferromagnetic silicone skin support a radical and active vehicle architecture.

The vehicle architecture actively adapts to different situations, applying different technological principles for each mode. With this versatility, Prestera trials innovation that trickles down in common vehicles over time.

Designer: Richard Stark