TouchOfModern Weekend + 2 Days Of Giveaways

TouchOfModern is back with a bang this summer bringing some really awesome goodies for Yanko Design readers. This weekend stand a chance to win the extremely innovative Cubedge EDGE.sound Bluetooth Speakers. TouchOfModern is a popular spot that showcases talented designers and their cutting-edge products, which can be snapped up at members-only prices. WIN the Cubedge EDGE.sound Wireless Speakers this weekend….

One of the most unique features of the Cubedge EDGE.sound Wireless Speakers is that they can be hooked to the EDGE solar panel for charging in the sun. To WIN the speakers….

…. Tell us where would you take your Cubedge EDGE.sound Wireless Speakers for a day of fun in the sun?

Picnic, beaches, camping….some place else?

Contest Rules:

  • Contest Closes 2nd June midnight PST
  • Standard Contest Rules Apply
  • Leave your answer in the comments section below

Cubedge EDGE.sound Wireless Speakers

Cubedge founder Eric has amassed great experience in the consumer electronics industry. Armed with his insights on how to give consumers what they want, the EDGE.sound bluetooth speaker (for iPod, iPad, iPhone and Android) was designed.

Features include: No more docking or plugging in; 10hrs of battery life; attach the EDGE solar panel and keep it charged as long as you are under the sun; EDGE.sound is versatile and will support any device that is Bluetooth-enabled. iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets…you name it.

The simple and elegant design of EDGE.sound means you can go anywhere and look great.


  • Ben Enos says:

    These speakers are so amazing. I would love to take them for a day of cooking out and fishing down by the ocean.

  • balibm says:

    out anywhere

  • michele naugle says:

    Would love to have a speaker like this for when my son is in the hospital as he love to listent to audio books and music when he is confind to bed during recovery. Would also use it when outside bbq or working in yard.

  • Soomin Sohn says:

    I would take it to the orphnage and play background music for the puppet show that my wife and I will be presenting to the kids:)

  • Ezekiel Lamoureux says:

    I would take it to the bathroom with me so I can listen to 20000 Leagues Under the Sea on audio book while I play with my rubber ducky and submarine in the bathtub.

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