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I spent most of May on the road in US, on a family vacation and while I really enjoyed being empowered with gadgets (2 laptops, 1 iPad, 3 smartphones, 1 camera, 2 iPods), charging them on a daily basis was a nightmare. Wires, plugs… and remembering to pack all of it at each destination…you get the drift right! I wish I had travelled with AViiQ EVOUNI Portable Charging Station Folio, the perfect solution. Now, you can WIN one!


  • Tell us your travel story; how do you manage your gadgets and their charging?

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Portable Charging Station Mini Folio – Plug, Charge, Go.

The AViiQ EVOUNI Portable Charging Station Mini Folio is a stylish way to manage your cables on the go. This minimalist approach to a travel bag with integrated 4-Port USB hub and cable management was designed to keep your cables organized and ready to take on your travels. Crafted from genuine Italian calfskin, this handy and handsome kit looks good on your desk or nightstand.


  • Unlike other charging stations, which have special connectors and adapters, your USB charger was designed to easily use the cables you already use everyday.
  • It’s a portable charger that also increases your USB charging time.
  • It’s also a smart phone charger and a tablet charger.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable.

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  • Brandon says:

    Fortunately, I have a bag with a built in battery that I use for school, but it’s too bulky for everyday use. This would be perfect when I’m travelling light.

  • Enrique says:

    I have apple devices… I always try to bring a charger or two to my trips but I have found myself a couple of times inside an apple store charging on of my devices!

  • sydney85 says:

    Being a grad student I go to several conferences throughout the year and need to take a laptop,camera and phone. Having to remember to take all the necessary plugs and cords means I have to take a separate bag to keep these organised. In doing this I usually end up having to wear the same outfits several times instead of packing more clothes. The AviiQ looks amazing.

  • Jared says:

    Living the life of a poor college student I learned to improvise. Always carrying tons of chargers in my backpack and back up batteries for my camera and laptop, I’m like the Mexican MacGyver when needed

  • John Yu says:

    I Have many apple devices so whenever we don’t have time to charge we always fight over the charger when we go to long road trips

  • Alexander says:

    I have an assortment of cables and plugs with adapters that I typically leave at home because they take us a lot of backpack real-estate. So I have to plug all my gadgets in when I get home and hope that either I don’t run out of battery, or someone else has the same chargers. I haven’t had too much problem, but my usage increases and battery life doesn’t extend itself.

  • Doris says:

    Hi! I agree that traveling with all the technology nowadays can be tedious! Last time we took a road trip, my husband was the “wire guy”. I did not know which wire was which because they were so many of them considering we had 3 cell phones, laptop charger, camera etc. I had to rely on him to hand me a charger the whole time because we had one in the car at all times and taking turn charging our phones. It would be neat to win this prize. Wish I had it last time! lol

  • Eric says:

    I am considering buying an ipad so it would be another gadget t charge when I travel. It could be frustrating at times because I might have between charging my dying cell phone 1st before my laptop. grrr…

  • Mariam says:

    OMG! I need this device to keep my sanity when on the road for business. Would avoid me missing some calls because I have to charge my personal cell first or business cell first.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Haha, I actually hand made something similar to this pouch where I bought an adapter that had usb ports and sowed a pouch for it during my textile class in high school. I trialled it during my high school graduation vacation, but it didn’t work out as the pouch ripped in the luggage where the zipper and cloth I sowed together came undone. So I’m pretty stoked that someone created something better and durable here and would LOVE to get my hands on one.

  • Aizul says:

    Well, since I have an smartphone, I might as well should be looking for portable charger so wherever I go, my phone won’t keep running low battery anymore and I guess with this COOL modern gadget, it is a solution to my only problem.

  • Friedrich says:

    It´s a kind of chaos – if i travel it´s always the same. Go in the Hotel/Hostel and agitate about to less power connectors in the wall. Than i go to the next store and buy a powerhub… ending with 5+ cabels at the bed-cornor…

  • Chris J says:

    I bought a 4 USB port wall charger to keep things topped off each night, and a 5200mAh battery pack with 2 USB ports. And a whole bunch of retractable cables. My iPad lasts the day, my iPhone too, my cameras- I keep an extra battery each but they last for days,my portable internet is the only thing that goes out and I usually need to hit the battery backup.

  • Skye says:

    Envy your travels. I tend to be scattered too and have no current system. I know this is what I need

  • Ahmad Syafiq Rahmat says:

    multiple chargers and an extension cord.

  • Meira says:

    When I travel, I usually just coil up all my cords and stuff them in a medium-sized zippered bag — but I find that the wires always manage to tangle up no matter how I tie them, and extracting what I need from the bag becomes an excruciating twenty-minute process. This pouch would definitely ease the tangled pain!

  • Igor Pismensky says:

    At home I dedicated an entire shelf to recharge the various techie things which have batteries. Trying to do it on the road is nearly impossible so for the must haves, I bring extra batteries as well as charges.

  • Igor Pismensky says:

    At home I dedicated an entire shelf to recharge the various techie things which have batteries. Trying to do it on the road is nearly impossible so for the must haves, I bring extra batteries as well as chargers.

  • Lucian says:

    i often travel long distances and most of the time it takes me more than 18-24 hours to arrive to destination. that … my friends it’s a nightmare ! with so much time at my hands I often ende up on listening music or sufing web on my iphone but also calling friends, playing games… all those things just sucked all the available energy from it. I just had the luck of also carring at all time my laptop with me but as it’s a big display one *17″ it was a nighmare too, if I was lucky i was able to wach a full lenght movie or 2 and a half episodes of my favourite series while charging my iphone via usb…. let’s just say I had something to do for a fraction of the trip. for the rest, i had to continously search for free plugs where I could charge my things, and when I did I stood there as long as possible in order to get my batteryes back to full… ah … it would be so sweeet to get this giveaway ! thx !

  • Martin Richomme says:

    I try take the essentials but i always end up missing something and i don’t want to take every single power adapters. This solution is awesome and super handy.

  • Kelsey Smith says:

    Recently at my Samsung training conference I was loaned out 5 devices to use. I had already brought my two phones, laptop, and camera as well. It was my responsibility to keep all of the Samsung devices charged as we were going over the specifics of some of the software changes. Thank god I had power strips.

    That conference was a charging NIGHTMARE! 2,000 of us were just loaned all these cool tablets, phones, cameras from our company and stuck in the hotel with a roommate and was told to keep them charged. The lodge was nice and the rooms had a couple of outlets but my roommate and I feared for our lives throughout every night because of the horrendous wire monsters that strung across our desk, bathroom area, nightstands, couch, just everywhere! Wires! Ahhhh! I could definitely use one of these at my next conference coming up.

  • Tom Shapley says:

    I carry an extension cord that all of my chargers can plug into. It is a pain. A system like this would be awesome.

  • xabi says:

    I always carry with me –at least– four gadgets: digital camera, iPad, phone and an iPod. Worst is the dudes I travel with bring say 4-5 devices too and there are never enough plugs in the room to charge all of them every day.
    We end up distributing plugs (one for each), or days (odd days for one of us, even days for the other).

  • Pengui says:

    Managing my devices and chargers is not easy, but we all know that. When travelling internationally, you need an AC adapter. If you forget that…well, you’re screwed. Even when traveling within your own country, it is a pain to find everything. So that is why…we say YOLO and just get a solar charger. We store everything in one bag and set them out near a window when they need charging. 🙂

  • Naomi says:

    I travel with a mini power strip and at least two plug-ins for my phone/tablet.

  • Tom Tomar says:

    My trusty charging hub needs a makeover. This is perfect for my next travel.

  • Marie Okamoto says:

    I travel with my hubby and let him worry about it 🙂

  • Sherry Platt says:

    I usually carry few gadgets, but a hub like this will give me the liberty to carry more.

  • Geri Segna says:

    I have 3 kids which they all have ipods, tablets, cellphones…etc and than we have myself and my girlfriend who both have our own devices. I am currently a college student going for graphic and Web Design…. so with all that info use your imagination…. We struggle wwith irritation at times but over all we some how mange.

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