Giveaway: Aviiq Portable Charging Station Mini Folio

I spent most of May on the road in US, on a family vacation and while I really enjoyed being empowered with gadgets (2 laptops, 1 iPad, 3 smartphones, 1 camera, 2 iPods), charging them on a daily basis was a nightmare. Wires, plugs… and remembering to pack all of it at each destination…you get the drift right! I wish I had travelled with AViiQ EVOUNI Portable Charging Station Folio, the perfect solution. Now, you can WIN one!


  • Tell us your travel story; how do you manage your gadgets and their charging?

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Portable Charging Station Mini Folio – Plug, Charge, Go.

The AViiQ EVOUNI Portable Charging Station Mini Folio is a stylish way to manage your cables on the go. This minimalist approach to a travel bag with integrated 4-Port USB hub and cable management was designed to keep your cables organized and ready to take on your travels. Crafted from genuine Italian calfskin, this handy and handsome kit looks good on your desk or nightstand.


  • Unlike other charging stations, which have special connectors and adapters, your USB charger was designed to easily use the cables you already use everyday.
  • It’s a portable charger that also increases your USB charging time.
  • It’s also a smart phone charger and a tablet charger.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable.

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