iFace Sensationalizes Samsung Galaxy S4

There are covers that promise to protect your Smartphones from scratches and the elements and then there is the iFace Sensation. This specialized cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4 not only protects from the phone from everyday bustle but also keeps it secure during accidental falls. If Murphy’s Law kicks in, then the chances of your phone surviving the fall are slim. However due to the anti shock function of the iFace Sensation, your phone has the best chance of survival.

iFace Sensation is designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and has an anti shock function and a new design, however it retains the basic DNA of the iFace’s original design. Although similar to the iFace First Class and Revolution, the new cover was developed after extensive researches revealed how phones had a tendency of falling and shattering.

How It Works

When the handset slips and falls to the ground, the thick cushioning of the urethane layer of the cover protects the phone from shattering. Due to the thicker urethane on the top and bottom, the phone inevitably lands on the bottom or the top, thanks to the shift in the gravity.

In short, when encased in the iFace Sensation, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will always stay protected without compromising on the looks. The cover provides outstanding grip with its slimmer and lighter design. Pick from one of the 11 sensational colors.

Designer: iFace [ Buy it Here ]

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-FeQV1MayA 600 451]