Emergency Camping

The V Plus is an emergency relief tent ideal for folks stuck in disaster relief zones. The tent is equipped with features like the ability to create its own power via solar cells. Single tents can be interconnected to larger ones, thus accommodating more people together. The exterior of the tent is made up of advanced flexible solar cells that generate enough power to satisfy the tent’s energy demands.

  • Each tent can become an independent energy unit to effectively solve the energy issues in disaster areas.
  • The tent frame incorporates LEDs to provide lighting.
  • The lighting component is attached to the top of the support pole, and the unused solar energy is stored in battery cells within the pole.

V Plus Emergency Relief Tent is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Li Bowen, Zhou Zhijun, Jia Chenxi, Yuan Pengfei, Zhou Yang, Gao Lu, Chaokai Jen, Cao Ming, Wang Xinyu, Pan Qihang & Wang Yuli


  • Jeroen TIrion says:

    Very interesting but make it simpler and it will be cheaper and thus more adoptable.

    The high-tech tentpole probably costs more than the average refugee earned per year before all the trouble started for which the shelter is needed…

  • Rich says:

    Nice modern and clean. Looks like the flex solar capabilities could be adapted to many longer term shelter applications. Best of luck! Rich from IADDIC Shelters.

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