A Candle Warmer That’s Housed Within a Beautiful Design

The warm, gentle and atmosphere creating glow of a candle is often found within the domestic environment, and when paired with a sweet or seasonal aroma, their desirability elevates further. However, candles do bring with them a range of downfalls; their flames are a fire risk and the wax melts so quickly that they must be replaced regularly. These problems, and more, are solved by a Candle Warmer.

The D’audrey Candle Warmers are beautiful examples of a candle warmer, while each design may differ aesthetically, they each feature a Halogen Lamp that gently melts the wax, releasing its untainted aroma.

It’s the alluring aesthetics of the D’audrey collection that demands attention; the repetitive lines and organic forms allow the warm light to escape and cast unique shadows onto the table top. The sculpture-like forms hold themselves strongly when the light is not on, allowing them to remain a powerful statement piece within the room!

Designer: Deokhee Jeong