Making Your Life Electric

Introducing the MYLE: a super-sub-compact personal vehicle that makes Smart Cars and Minis look like monster trucks! The single-person electric transporter was inspired by and  designed for urban areas in India that are notorious for crazy traffic congestion. Less than half the size of a compact car, the MYLE zips drivers around in a climate controlled, highly maneuverable, efficient personal pod with the smallest footprint imaginable. Smart who?! I’ll take mine in matte white, thx!

Designer: Sivakumar Thangavelu


  • cyberthug says:


  • zipin says:

    What is a modern, eco-friendly and compact, and most importantly a means of transportation. I like the design, it fits in any metropolis. And at the fote of nature – like a picture of the future! Given that more and more cars are in the metropolitan areas of one person – this is the future. And most important to the future of a friendly nature

  • mif991 says:

    I appreciate the effort and the concept, but having my face smashed on the asphalt after a hard brake is not my idea of fun.

  • I agree with you. They look very cool but don’t feel comfortable.

  • gautam says:

    Cool Idea…really good for China and India…
    and then rest world will follow

  • Aviel edri says:

    hiidoes anyone knows if there is a company that producing this car?
    I like the idea it can work excellent with my project. Can anyone contact me about those little one person cars?

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