Yet Another Folding Bike!

Yes, seems like “Folding Bike” is the flavor of the season, so I won’t bore you with any witty comments. However what makes the db0 (divided by nothing) E bike different from the rest of the gang is that it’s soon to be available this first quarter. So those lusting after folding hybrid cycles, hit the jump to catch the specs of this beauty!


  • This is a 100% professional bike and becomes an eco-hybrid pedelec by turning on the power assistant system.
  • Applying high tech injection technology to build bike frame with aluminum alloy material, db0 presents a bold and simple spirit of design.
  • Unique folding mechanism as an integrated piece of the design- a “focal point” that adds visual value to the bike design.
  • Special single front fork & single chain stay frame design to minimize the folding dimension to be extremely compact and ultra light.
  • Equipped with quality inner 3-speed which is maintenance-free, safe, clean, noiseless, and valuable.
  • High performance DC brushless motor in compact size intelligently integrated on front wheel for easier maintenance. Simply relax your muscle on the way climbing up.
  • High capacity Lithium battery in compact size with ultra light weight & special shaped case, safely extends your trip to 40 km.
  • Lithium battery and 250W DC brushless motor to achieve hybrid riding.
  • High-tech central control system is easy to operate with built-in multi-functions.
  • db0 applies WR connectors and wires on whole system to make it easier and safer for installation and removing.
  • Innovative I.P.T.S. (Intelligent Pedal Torque Sensor) system that detects the torque value from cyclist’s pedal force and thus provides humanized assistance comfortably, just like an advanced “auto-shifting” device on your fabulous bike!

Designers: DK City & ROBRADY

[youtube: 605 445]



db0 (divided by nothing) E bike by DK City & ROBRADY