A SpaceX Travel Card sure to shock and awe every space enthusiast on Earth!

Move away Mars, we have set sights for Jupiter. Or at least graphics designer Arun Raj has! Bringing all our nerdy space-themed love to life, Arun has created a SpaceX TravelCard that can be used to book a travel plan and double up as a ticket to a visit to the moon, Mars, Saturn, and even Jupiter! You may call that ambitious, but hey, what are we without the power to dream?

While I am guilty of watching every live stream that SpaceX does (and I literally cheered when the Dragon 2 latched onto the ISS successfully), I would love to get my hands on this card whether or not I can afford the $100,000 ticket price to the Moon! Posting to the r/SpaceXLounge on Reddit, the SpaceX Travel card shows the easy and fun interactions in the process of booking a ticket to Mars. Visually the card is similar in size to a credit card and fits in one hand, making it easy to access all the touchpoints on the card. While this is a paper mock-up, we can imagine a slim enough e-ink screen to allow for the technology to carry this. Launch the booking process with fingerprint identification and specify your current location and destination – we may go from the moon to Saturn. The rest of it is like every ticket booking process – choose your travel date, the number of people traveling, and the card auto-updates your arrival date. Arun audaciously doesn’t show the payment interface where we make this $1500,000 payment – although given how you’re booking a ticket to Jupiter, I presume your SpaceX currency would be pre-loaded, or maybe they have a PayPal integration! Hit book now, and you have a nostalgic, movie ticket-like stub that shows your travel details.

As I tweet this card concept to Elon Musk, requesting collectible Travel Cards to encourage us to start saving the $500,000 needed to go to Mars, it is ambitious to set the travel date to 2026. Or maybe we invest in Dogecoin! Either way, we want to get our hands on this Travel Card for sure!

Designer: Arun Raj of armedialabs

The launch screen shows a rocket with a fingerprint sensor for identification.

Once you log in, the card lets you set your travel itenary.

One of my favorite screens – showing the clean minimal icons of each planet, available in the drop-down for the destination.

Choose your travel date with the calendar.

The process screen shows the processing with 2 ripples flowing outwards.

Tada! Your ticket to Mars on Starship 217 is confirmed.

Too bad Elon has discontinued accepting Bitcoin for a Tesla payment. You want to be on that starship, start saving up!