Coo Boo – Digital Cookbook by Philipp Gilgen is a digital cookbook that can be used and stored alongside your other kitchen tools. Although it is a high-tech digital device, can be held like a spatula, placed on the work surface and hung up next to the dipper and beater. The washable fits better into the kitchen environment than any printed cookbook. Furthermore the use of digital recipes allows a variety of new functions. The cook can choose the degree of support wanted, from simply displaying recipes to full audiovisual cooking lessons. Recipes stored on the user’s computer are automatically synchronized through the wireless docking station on the rack.

Designer: Philipp Gilgen


  • Stephet says:

    Form over function?

    Does it have to be shaped like a spatula? I think it’d be better if it was just a rectangular shape with a hook. The best feature is that you can hang it up if you wanted to.

  • ceebee says:

    reminds me something along the lines of a hanging Ipad type device.

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