The Hanger We Can Use

The Staff Hanger is actually a very clever design. The hanger can be closed to resemble a slender staff, thus making the process of hanging clothes a lot easier. Typically we face a problem when we have to hang in our Tees. Stretching the neckline to fit in the hanger can distort the fabric, the Staff Hanger resolves this issue very efficiently.

Designers: Kim Mo-Sei, Kang Joon-Ho & Choi Yu-Lim


  • Jeremiah says:

    You could just use regular hangers and bring them in from the bottom of the shirt…

    I myself like hanging all my clothes if my closet allows for it, but the fact that this is wider than the average hanger would just mean that I would be taking up more real estate on my closet bar for a convenience that isn’t really necessary.

  • t_t says:

    ;; it’s just like a MUJI product.. very same is to.

  • MT says:

    Ha I did this in college! never made it off paper though, nice work looks well thought out.

  • Korean says:

    it’s bad design..

    just like MUJI. shame on you

  • Anthouny says:

    What the whoopensocker things are there!! I always think about how to maintain my closets clearly it’s one of the good example to solve our problem in housewives I appreciate your works and recommend these project.

  • Dana & John Fisher says:

    Regardless, Good idea. Round applause to the people who made a lot of effort to make this. Haters gonna hate as usual.

  • w says:


  • real korean says:

    what a great idea!!
    it’s very simple but very inventive and useful!!
    lt will be increase the storage space.
    moreover we will be easy to carry a hanger.
    it’s very very awesome design!!

  • Tim says:

    I used to put hangers into the shirts from the bottom and always try to do that not to make the neck loose. But sometimes it’s kind an annoying to do with every single shirts though it’s just an easy job. This hanger is really simple but amazing to fold so that we can just put it in from the top. Not only protecting my clothes, I can organize hangers nicely when it’s not been using without that much space as well. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Eugene says:

    I love this~creative and luxurious

  • Jane says:

    Wow! Why didn’t i think of this idea before.. It’s really good!!

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  • Matej says:

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