A Mixed Reality Headset for Youngsters!


The market for Mixed Reality is vastly expanding, with technology advancing at a breath-taking pace, and with new, and interesting implementations being thought of each day it’s certainly an exciting field! However, current VR/AR headsets are not best suited to children, as their bulky and heavy design doesn’t sit comfortably on their, typically smaller, heads.

Holo Cap may just be a solution to this problem and allow children to experience the wonderful world of Mixed Reality! Its answer is for it to be a hat, as opposed to a headset; the cap, with a hole in the top, comfortably sits on the user’s head, and its tightness can be adjusted easily via the two straps at the rear. When not in use, the screen neatly tucks away inside the device to ensure that it does not get damaged by its, often, heavy handed target audience!

Designers: Hwang Daye & Yeseul Han