ZIPcycle is the next evolution of the bicycle, aerodynamically optimized for less exertion & higher cruising speeds. In short, the rider gets more output with less input! The position of the rider is streamlined & elements are enclosed with fairings to greatly reduce drag; so much so that about 40% less energy is required to maintain a cruising speed of 20MPH (double the average commuting speed). The ergonomic riding stance also reduces handlebar strain & seat pressure… all this & riders still get an open-air experience!


-Monocoque aluminum chassis;

-Linked steering mechanism, connecting the handlebar to the steering tube and front wheel fork (a mechanism found in underseat steering recumbent bicycles)

-Hub shifting in the rear wheel to accommodate the necessary gearing range

-Lubricated bearings, gears, and chains enclosed within the chassis in an internal driveshaft beam (so you will never again get grease on your clothes)

-Hollow tail-box, accessible by tilting the ventilated seat forward, spacious enough for a medium sized bag

-Option for an in-hub motor an lithium ion battery pack to provide hill and acceleration assist functions for cyclists in hilly and mountainous regions

Designer: Eric Birkhauser