Big Boat Dragovic Yacht

With a name like Vuk Dragovic, one doesn’t need to go very far to find a unique name for any sort of design they’ve made and need to name. However! Dragovic does also happen to be a world-class name-creator too, so the concept you’re about to look at goes by the name “Atreides Yacht” and lives up to the elegance of the letters that title it. And it’s got some radical innovation on it’s side too, hooray! And not just in the greener section of things. It’s got a fully extendable shallow pool that shoots out the back.

This is innovation in fear! That is, helping everyone have a fun time, a fun swimming time, even if you’re in your yacht in the middle of the deep blue sea. At the back of the boat there is a frame that slowly emerges out as it’s activated. Once extended, the swimming can begin. Stored in a sort of zig-zag pattern, extended this back section comprises of a border and a floor, all you need for complete safety from sharks.

While the front of the boat is meant for speed, the back is meant for rest and play. The roof’s got solar panels which help store energy to charge all the boat’s lights, pool mechanisms, and smaller fuel tank.

This boat comes in two sizes: rich and SUPER RICH. I feel obligated to say something to that effect every time I write about something there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford. However, everyone should take the time to dream, especially if they happen to be a designer and want to be the person to take all the rich people bucks. Get that money!

Designer: Vuk Dragovic


Atreides Yacht by Vuk Dragovic