A Better Cut

You have to credit the simplicity that the Fusion Kitchen Knives exude. A literal mix of East and West, Industrial design and craftsmanship, the knife set blend in the common language of design and tell the story. Handmade in Kyoto as a limited edition by Japanese artist- craftsman Issei Hanaoka, these knives are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of wood crafting and they have a minimalist design: extremely simple yet modern and universal.


  • An ergonomic handle for slip-resistant ultra-comfort grip.
  • Available in two sizes and two types of blade: serrated, ideal for bread, and non-serrated, ideal for cheese, fruit, and desserts.
  • Thanks to their ultra-fine edge, the knives are extremely sharp but also easy to sharpen.
  • For the packaging, the traditional Japanese boxes “kiribako” have been re-defined according to Italian design where shape is driven by purpose.
  • Material: Ebony / White Maple

Designer: Andrea Ponti