Evolution of the Jet Ski

Recently pre-launched at the Monoco boat show, the Wesp is unlike any jet ski you’ve seen before. Inspired by Formula 1 racing, the craft is characterized by an unorthodox yet functional shape that allows it to cruise gently across the waves or switch into high speed racing mode. In an exhilarating twist, direction is controlled using a body motion steering system where the driver swivels from left to right, similar to how a motorcyclist flicks from side to side to initiate a turn. 

Designer: Daniel Bailey


  • Chad says:

    I love how design can change such a good ol’ boy machine, into a work of art. Great work Yanko!

  • tim says:

    This thing is siiick

  • MARIO C says:

    If you have ridden a motorcycle or its water counter part the jet sky you have realized how an important role your knees play hugging the tank area (or fake tank in the case of the jet sky), these machines are driven with your body. I am pro innovation and always open to the pursuit of new alternatives when it comes to transportation and power sports, this is a nice design research but i personally don’t see it as the evolution of the jet ski at all but more as an alternate watercraft.

  • I want one! What is its top speed?

  • I think what your trying to say is pretty important. I think he named the title for his project wrong too. He should change it for sure its misleading!

  • no1 says:

    Glad it’s already been said. Certainly a nice looking boat, but also certainly not a “Jet Ski”

  • Hunter says:

    It appears that if they (the engineers at Wesp) designed it so that the seat can be removed, it could easily fit into the trunk and backseat of a sedan. No truck and trailer required.

  • scooby says:

    Where is the video of this?

  • good design and , i did not find exact price

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