2013 iF concept design awards – 100 Winners Announced

The main objective behind the iF concept design awards is to foster young talent and help them bloom. Grooming them to become the next big change in the product design field. 2013 saw some really interesting concepts take vision and follow the unchartered path of innovation. Here is a look at twenty of the most striking projects (out of the 100 Winners) this year. The full list is available here.

Jarpet projects the 3D images of pets, and can interact with kids by multi-sensory technology.

Offugo is a bike parking lot lock system.

Anello is a counter-top mini washing machine designed for singles, offering practical laundry.

Flexer is a flexible lens digital camera that utilizes liquid silicon.

Super Battery is a solar power battery.

Blind Memo helps the visually impaired to recognize living goods and take a note by themselves.

Easy Plug is a plug and also socket which can plug in with any angle by the annular magnetic electrodes.

Rice Pack for every single person who has difficulty in cooking the perfect rice meal.

With Magic Comb, you can always comb your hair with amazingly sanitized brush.

Finger& Ruler is a rolling ruler. In order to use it, you have to put the ruler on your on your finger.

Coffee.Tea Maker adds a new chapter to both coffee & tea culture.

RingIng is an innovative loudspeaker.

Special Teatime is a tea thermos for the visually impaired.

Two in One zipped earphones!

Slide-hole makes sure you land the key in the keyhole correctly.

Clean bottle is a jam jar redesign.

Restore well, instant beverage chiller.

Freenter is a wallpaper printer and applicant.

+4.5parercup can solve many of the problems of papercups currently used in vending machines.

RAFL is an innovative music player.