Keeping The Waters Clean

I was watching this series on the television, which focused on a team of workers who helped clean the oceans, especially when ships go down or get damaged. I reckon these good people can do with the Bio-Cleaner 2; an innovative system that combines the technique of Robot Snake and Shewanella oneidensis (a specialized bacteria which breaks down metals) to solve the problem of the water pollution from the heavy metals.

According to the designers, the bacteria will generate electricity and clean water by the process of breaking down or decomposing the heavy metals materials. The electricity will provide the power for the Robot Snake to keep operating and the clean water will drain back into the ocean. The Bio-Cleaner2 is suitable for use in a fishpond, ocean, lakes etc.

Designers: Hsu Hsiang-Han, Wen Tzu-I, Wang Jhih-Jie & Luo Yih-Wenn