Safer Speed Skating

Accidents in speed skating are dangerous for everyone. A skater who falls basically becomes a razor-sharp ninja star, just as liable to be struck by other skaters as to hit someone else. Unfortunately, this sport’s helmet style hasn’t undergone much change over the years and existing designs tend to be uncomfortable and less practical for both safety and aerodynamics. See how the smashable, strapless, uber-cool Aguille helmet changes the game. —-

The challenge was to make the athlete faster and safer, but also improve air circulation without going outside the rules of the sports.

Personal research has also shown that the chinstrap is uncomfortable for the athlete. Mock-ups tested on the athlete also showed measurable improvements in comfort and performance once the helmet adapted a strapless design.

It improves aerodynamics through an innovative flexible structure, which allows an active crumble zone. This crumble zone can absorb the impact and then goes back into its actual shape. New protective materials absorb the force of the impact rather than distributing it.

Designer: Mathias Hintermann