The FEND One bicycle helmet folds inwards to make it more portable

An improvement over its initial design (and a subsequent winner of the Red Dot Design Award), the FEND One makes protective gear portable. Discarding the notion that a helmet needs to be a sturdy, stiff, singular form, the FEND One is, in fact, foldable. With two segments on either side that fold inwards, the Fend becomes rather portable, occupying a fraction of the volume it would when opened. Its folded design makes it relatively flat, allowing it to slide easily into messenger bags and backpacks… a feature that makes carrying helmets so convenient, you’re more likely to wear/carry them everywhere.

The FEND One reduces the number of moving parts in its original design by ditching the bellow-style fold for something more simple and secure. The helmet exceeds US CPSC and European EN1078 safety standards for bicycles, skateboards, and e-bikes/scooters under 20mph, and comes with an impact-resistant outer shell made from ABS and PC, and a cushioning EPS inner that’s both lightweight as well as shock-absorbing. The helmet opens and closes with a simple hinge-action, securing in place thanks to flaps on the upper part of the skull. There’s even a hard-hat-style dial at the back to adjust the tightness to ensure that you’ve got yourself a secure fit. All that while being able to fold down to half its original volume for better portability!

Designer: Christian Von Heifner (FEND)

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Designer: FEND