eCycle For A Greener World

Packing in trendy, effective, effortless and easily maneuverability into an electric bicycle sounds like a distant dream. That is till you have a look at the eCycle, an electric bicycle that aims to make biking the obvious choice of transportation. The dynamic frame of the eCycle integrates battery and motor within a lightweight and flexible structure. Taking inspiration from retro motorcycles, the bike hosts a stylized fuel tank to mask a battery pack.

eCycle features a hydroformed, flexible and lightweight aluminum frame and a removable battery. The electric motor fits neatly inside the aluminum frame. The handlebar features integrated brake levers, gear case and controllers, without any third party OEM parts.

Designer: Milos Jovanovic


  • I like the fully integrated look, but I have some small issues.

    The belt will come of at the front. It will work fine with a chain, because that covers the ‘teeth’ on both sides. That belt is just laying on the teeth, it needs covering on both sides to stay on.

    Whats up with the front fork and that huge space between the wheel and the frame? Did the designer decide to not include front suspension at the last minute and didn’t want to change the design?

    And why is the frame ‘flexible’? You want a bike to be reasonably stiff, not flexible.

    Also, design good/nice looking fenders for this bike, it’s no fun to ride this thing on wet roads without them. This will be the “obvious choice of transportation” for nice dry days until it has fenders…

  • Milos says:

    Hi Quintin,

    First off all I want to thank you for very good comments. Basically what I made is concept and details need to be updated and changed for production, if it is ever built. First I wanted to use bigger wheels 700c (so front fork is for 700c), but than I decided to go for 26inch.
    Anyway fork need to be updated, as well as belt side of frame to be able to use Shimano Alfine or Nexus transmission systems. I think that in next phase I will do more details fenders, maybe some belt cover and so on…
    Milos Jovanovic

  • Milos says:

    I forgot to add this… “Flexible” stands for ability to remove the battery and use it as a standard bike…

  • Stan Smith says:

    I have a problem with the installation /removal and tensioning of the timing belt drive. There is no break in the frame that I can find.
    The battery pack should be lower in the frame for better balance.
    Thanks, STAN

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