Bird Feeder, Sofas And More…

Polish designer Jan Kochański showcased his studio projects to us and we simply loved his unique take on furniture and product design. I loved the simple yet artistically developed Fiu Fiu bird feeder and the MobiUse – mass use mobile chairs made from paper pulp. Hit the jump to experience some innovative and thought provoking projects.

Designer: Jan Kochański


Clip is simple, portable and foldable coffee table, made of bended steel tubes and oak wood. The project is combination of minimal structure and maximum functionality. The frame was inspired by a paper clip; table top can serve separately as a tray.


Radar is a visually attractive alternative for cloth dryers. It is constructed out of bended steel tubes and each part can be rotated separately.

Fiu Fiu

Fiu Fiu is a foldable bird feeder made of PP foil. It can be easily shipped in an A4 envelope and quickly assembled in few moves.


Spring is a bracelet available in two different sizes and colors (red, grey sparkle). Made with laser sintered nylon or alumide, it features a complex yet charming “spring” shape, suitable for both men and women.


MobiUse is an armchair designed for mass usage. It is made of paper pulp and can be used in and out doors.


Cloud is light soft and sensitive and is in constant and slow motion, because of the hot air provided by hairdryer. Cloud is made of delicate foil. The project is about searching for minimal gestures that can define space, and looking for border between interior and exterior.


The Knot armchair is made of fiberglass rope and synthetic resin. The rope wrapped around solid shape creates chaotic and light structure.


This design is a result of experiments with sheet materials. The armchair is formed out of two pieces of PP foam and the biggest challenge was to design a rigid structure out of a relatively soft material.


Cocoon is a hammock made of PP foam and synthetic fabric. The design can transform from open hanging bed into a zipped cozy cocoon.