Yet Another iPhone 6

One of the reasons why many people buy a fender for their iPhone is that the back surface tends to scratch pretty easily, especially in the iPhone 5. Designer Matt Hughson envisions the iPhone 6 to come designed with an integrated aluminum outer frame, which creates a protective lip for the front & back of the phone. This provides improved protection for your screen & camera.

The cut away in the upper left corner gives the phone an added functionality in the form of a slot. This gives the user an attachment feature as well as lock-ability. The main screen maximizes the available space allowing for more wide screen view-ability.

Designer: Matt Hughson


  • Wow finally an iphone that i can actually enjoy. Nice to see the thought and detail put into some simple but clever ideas. eg) phone edge raised slightly to keep the screen off of surfaces.

  • bingo says:

    so dumb 99.6 % iphone 5 design, and why is the left corner missing ? also icons of last picture are rectangular

  • Dan says:

    This design has also removed the front camera, is it because the hardware would have been too big for the unnecessary hole in the top left corner?
    And why hasn’t the 3 lightening ports at the bottom being mentioned/explained? Or are they miniature built in speakers?

  • jody says:

    why isnt there a camera on the front thats the best part of having an iphone so you can facetime people

  • Industrial Designer says:

    Very poor design.

    What the hell were u thinking? Such a bumper only makes sense when it’s detachable. Otherwise all the dirt from your fingers is going to be stuck onto it!…Trying to clean your “iPhone6” will be a big fail!

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