Now this is a Jag

Without looking, take a minute to describe what you imagine a Jag looking like… chances are, you just described the classics AND the modern Jaguar XK-I concept. It’s an automotive brand that relies heavily on its name; a name originally synonymous with dramatic curves, top-notch materials, thoroughbred British performance, and overall star-quality of the earlier 50s and 60s models. It’s nice to see a Jag concept that embodies the roots of the brand when it was in its prime!

Designer: Mudit Gupta


  • ken says:

    if there is only one seat why is it offset to the left?

  • mif991 says:

    I don’t like it even if the driver was in the center. Odd proportions, substandard renderings and underdeveloped concept.

  • eric says:

    The original jaguar that this concept is based off of was converted from a regular car. i.e. had 2 seats. The second seat was covered up to improve aerodynamics, leaving the drivers seat where it was on the right side of the car..

    odd proportions, substandard renderings, and underdeveloped concept. It’s almost insulting to the original car from which it draws its inspiration.

  • romain says:

    Its quite Sad to see people bashing on this concept without having any prior information or even looking at it properly.
    The seat is very much on the right and the D type (I assume its inspired by that with the fin) was a proper race car which was later developed to a road going car and not the other way around. I wont even talk about the car or reply to your comments about the under developed concept when you cant even distinguish between left and right.

    Note to Designer : Good Work ! would have loved to see some more detail on the front light graphics.

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