Designing Time

Once in awhile I get a gem in my mailbox, a jewel so beautifully crafted, so perfectly engineered, and so vividly different that I openly say “wow” as I read about it. It’s a gentle reminder why I do this blog. AÃRK Collective is a small team of designers and entrepreneurs based in Melbourne who are trying to redefine the way we see time. The inaugural range comprises of three silhouettes that aim to showcase a perfect harmony between form and function.

Meet Classic, Timeless, and Iconic. Each design is shaped by their appreciation for minimal design, geometric shapes and graphic elements. They recognise that a watch is more than an instrument to tell time, but an object of desire that tells a story about the individual wearer.

I got my hands on two of these watches for a proper review so keep your eyes peeled for more to come from this talented group.

Designers: AÃRK Collective, Facebook