Reduced to Time (but with some surprises)

The minimal Reductionism watch makes time-telling easy by displaying large numbers on a simple LED grid, but it’s also multifunctional as an indicator of incoming calls or text messages. Connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, the watch notifies the user of calls with a quick vibrating pulse and transforming blue glow while text messages are indicated with red glow. Check out the vid to see it in action!

Designer: Omar Egeh


  • what? says:

    Hey seriously…what’s that? do you think this is important or relevant? Or even nice or beautiful? I can’t get the point of this post…

  • Doc says:

    This is great! I’m surprised I haven’t seen this concept before.

  • Ben says:

    this actually a pretty interesting idea. not bad.

  • Cobus says:

    I love the concept of the watch but Omar needs to work on his 3d modelling skills 🙂
    very good though.

  • Uchida Ema says:

    Wow. This website is awesome! How can I make it look like this !

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