This inflatable mattress turns your vehicle’s front seat into a cozy sleeping space when outdoor!

Luno’s Front Cab Air Mattress is an affordable solution to turning your MUV, camper or car into a cozy place to sleep. Indeed the ideal accessory for campers and adventure seekers who like the nomadic life.

Being an adventure junkie brings with it the freedom of exploration, but also many other quirks that are hard to get over. Camping and traveling enthusiasts are always on the lookout for accessories that maximize their sleeping or resting area, and the Cab Air Mattress is one such versatile product. As the name suggests it puts the front cab space of the vehicle to optimum use when the vehicle is parked. The inflatable mattress is extra bedding for your camper or trailer in case an unexpected hitchhiker drops in. Even if you don’t have a trailer or camper hooked to the back of the vehicle, it can turn the vehicle’s cabin into a makeshift space for resting or a restful night’s sleep.

The maker pitches this mattress made out of 300-denier fabric as suitable for your furry companions or kids, but it can easily accommodate an adult too. You can deploy or deflate the Luno Cab Air Mattress in less than three minutes using a cordless pump without any hassle. The accessory can custom fit popular vans by automakers like Mercedes, Sprinter, Solis, Winnebago Travato, RAM ProMaster and Dodge ProMaster.

Other cars can also fit the accessory, although it might not be the perfect skin fit, but anyways, good to go. To snug it into place, all you have to do is lower the front seats to create a comfy sleeping space that takes up the driver seat, center console, and passenger seat. The T-shaped base extenders cover up the driver and passenger footwells. Overall, the mattress is a must-have for avid travelers who like to hit the road for unplanned trips. You never know, when you might need to spend a night in your car, so better be prepared.

Designer: Luno

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