Modern Seating with Age-Old Craftsmanship

Thomas Feichtner’s Tram Chair concept for the historical TON brand is strongly inspired by the company’s time-honored production processes: first by the company’s own plant for the production of seat shells from molded wood, and second by its longstanding factory for the production of classic bentwood. Merging the bentwood and molded wood methods created a few constructional innovations in the process. Jump to the video to see how!

The support for the seat shell, for instance, does double-duty as a connection between the legs. The chair thus needs no further bracing, in contrast to classic bentwood models. Though this chair’s design is quite deliberate, its name came about as more of an accident. Employees of TON were quick to jokingly dub this model the “tram chair” due to its similarity to the plastic seats on the trams in Prague. Feichtner then decided to keep this charming working title as the product’s name.

Designer: Thomas Feichtner