Top 10 essential gear for your summer 2023 outdoor adventures

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To kickstart your journey and send some motivation your way, we’ve curated our top 10 essential outdoor gear from the Inspiration Hub. These unique outdoor accessories will motivate you to create something spectacular and submit the design, as a gateway to sharing it with the best of the design world. Additionally, we will also be picking our favorite Design of the Week, Design of the Month, and Design of the Year – every week, month, and year from the submissions on the Inspiration Hub. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and the Inspiration Hub to see if your design gets picked. Fingers crossed!
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1. Herman Miller-inspired Hiking Backpack

Designed by Judar Design, this stunning Herman Miller-inspired backpack is heavily influenced by the Herman Miller camp! It has unique and lightweight aesthetics, and functions as a practical hiking backpack for campers, as well as a laptop bag for city commuters. It has a solid structure on the outside, much like the Cosm chair, which offers protection from any accidental bumps if any important and fragile stuff has been placed inside.

2. Task Light

Designed by Jake Naish, this beautifully-designed task light makes for the ultimate outdoor gear for your outdoor adventures. Featuring a minimal, clean, and cylindrical form, the lighting design comes in options of two soft pastel colors that are exceedingly easy on the eyes. Grooves on the body of the light add a touch of texture and personality to the design.

3. Fellow Travel

If you’re setting out on an outdoor adventure in a foreign country, then Fellow Travel is the perfect product for you! Designed by Hanyoung Lee, Fellow Travel is an innovative interpretation device that allows you to communicate smoothly and effortlessly with people who speak other languages while traveling. It includes APP services that accumulate data through conversations and share it with other travelers.

4. Rock Climbing Shoes

Designed by Santiago Riera, these rock-climbing shoes are inspired by the design philosophy and language of Organic Climbing. Designed using virtual reality, these unique rock climbing shoes can be customized according to the tastes and preferences of every user, allowing them to play around with colors and materials and create the perfect outdoor shoes for themselves.

5. Foldable Lander

Designed by Yunonglive Studio, the Foldable Lander is a compact and lightweight product that measures a little over 13 inches in length when closed, and weighs 2.8 lbs. The innovative design once opened up, transforms into a comfortable and cozy chair with a backrest, and can take up to 100x its weight. This foldable chair and foldable table/ottoman offer a unique and convenient way to take a seat anywhere, whether it’s for fun or for work.

6. The Havoc Arxc Glasses

Designed by Sebastian Halin, the Havoc Arxc Glasses are designed for cyclists of all disciplines – where clear vision and sleek looks are a priority. The good-looking shades feature a clean and minimal look accentuated by smooth lines and a two-colored CMF, as well as a tinted UV-protected lens for optimal vision. The glasses have a replaceable nose bridge made in silicone.

7. Microtech Exocet Dagger

Amped with a tiny 1.94-inch blade, the Microtech Exocet Dagger is actually legal to carry in most states, making it the perfect EDC to have on you at all times. Designed by Microtech Knives, the innovative dagger features an OTF-style (out-the-front) drop-point blade made from CTS 204P steel that’s perfect for piercing and carving outdoors and doing things like opening boxes indoors.

8. The HOTO 3-in-1 Camplight

Designed by Lu Zheng, YF Liu, and Xiaodong Liu, the HOTO 3-in-1 Camplight provides users with a convenient and innovative lighting solution in all possible camping scenarios. The unique lighting design functions as an area light, ambient light, and flashlight. It features a transparent and durable PC lamp head, as well as an aluminum alloy case – resulting in a premium and excellent tool for the outdoors.

9. Supernova

Designed by GravaStar and named the Supernova, this futuristic-looking accessory resembles a three-legged robot but is in reality a sci-fi-inspired speaker cum LED lamp. It is crafted out of a solid zinc alloy metallic body standing on GravaStar’s iconic tripod legs that we saw in their previous designs. It is equipped with a 3-inch full-range speaker with 25 watts of power, 90db of output, and half-inch high-frequency tweeter for rich and crisp sound delivery.

10. Quasar Portable Lamp

Designed by Samy Rhio and Petite Friture, the Quasar portable lamp, is designed to be a ‘nomadic lamp’. French designer Samy Rhio designed this nomadic lamp to enable users to carry it around, allowing it to illuminate any space they go to. They can hang the nifty lamp using a multicolored strap that will remind you of a climbing rope.

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