A Very James Bond Jacket

Have you ever ruined a movie, an interview, or maybe even a sexy date because you forgot to turn your phone off? If so, then you’ll appreciate this clever design called the Escape Jacket by Victor Johansson! The inner lining applies the interference principles of a Faradays cage to effectively block all radio frequencies, disabling the antenna so the phone doesn’t go off while simultaneously saving the battery. Just slide it in the inner pocket and fuggeddaboudit!

Designer: Victor Johansson


  • ako says:

    If the mobile can not connect to antenna it will assume that you are in the countryside. So it will boosts it’s radio emitter. Effect – battery will be draned much faster, and all of additional radiation will penetrate your body. Thank you mr. Cancer Designer!

    • Joey F. Sylvester II says:

      it has a NFC chip to turn off radios. if your phone doesn’t support that, then please join us in the twenty first century

  • ako says:

    I was pretty sure that NFC allows to communicate between devices, not to turn off the radio.
    But maybe I am just dumb. So why do you need the Faradays cage? Your radio is already turned off.

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