Equating A Cleanup

The Equate is a vacuum cleaner for table crumbs and has been designed with the purpose of celebrating its form rather than hiding it. Most often we tend to find a cozy nook for such appliances, but designer Rich Park feels that we need to set this artistic work on a proud pedestal. It’s one of the rare examples where form, function and art are fine-tuned. Essentially, a very conceptual aerodynamic vacuum sits on a chrome cone-shaped charger.

Equate’s purpose is to be set on a table almost as a piece of artwork, while offering a casual function of cleaning up tiny crumbs or dust on tables and flat surfaces. The dual function of small and big suctions allows users to clean in a very natural way, without having to fuss with accessories. Also, the simple touch button interface is easy to understand. The vent holes are hidden inside the belly of the vacuum where it does not interfere with the main concept of clean and conceptual aesthetic look. The dustbin is also located on the belly; where with a simple push of a button will unlock and release the bin.

Designer: Rich Park