Meet the Brusheads

The Brusheads is a genius toothbrush collection that will have little ones begging to brush instead of resisting like they often do. Each fun, portable Brushead is presented as a 3D sculptured character that kids will love. The USB powered brushes feature intelligent sensors that detect brushing patterns & play fun audio messages as they’re used to encourage good practice. A synced mobile app lets kids compete their characters with peers & helps parents monitor brushing habits. I call dibs on the panda!

Designer: PA Consulting


  • Emmo709 says:

    I’ve got 4 kids and one of them definetly needs this as its hard to keep a check n him. If we forgot he does. He’s got a few learning difficulties, but would love the interaction and rewards he would get from good teeth cleaning.

    Bring it to market please, at a reasonable price!

  • Siddharth says:


    I want to buy these toothbrushes… it would be very good if you can temme or give a website from where I can order these toohtbrushes.

    thanks a ton,


  • Eeva says:

    Where can i buy these adorable little teethcleaning helpers, cant find them anywhere?!

    Rock and roll

  • Kiki says:

    REALLY want to buy !
    How to order please~🙏🏻

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