Get Drunk & Make Stuff!

Re-Wine is a clever design that transforms from a reusable, biodegradable carrying case for your wine into a lamp shade that uses the empty bottle as the base. If you’re not looking for a new lamp, the case also has interlocking joints that allow it to be connected to other units to form a custom seat, table or shelf. The more wine you drink, the more modules you have for building lamps or other furniture! Now there’s an idea that’s sure to motivate people!

Designer: Miniwiz


  • Rawwhale says:

    I like the idea of repurposing the bottles, but shipping a big ugly case around a nice glass bottle of wine is insanely impractical and environmentally wasteful.
    The waste from fabricating, shipping and disposing of the cases, cords and lightbulbs would cause more damage than its biodegradability would help.

    If you want to encourage actual creativity and re-use then why not just design the bottles themselves to fit together and create objects?

    Surely stacked bottles would look nicer than a hunk of cheap bio-plastic dangling off the top. Also, take a longer look at the seat of that bench, it would be impossible to sit comfortably on that shape.

  • Abdullah says:

    liked the idea 🙂

  • product tank says:

    There is no point in this. The majority of people who purchase wine already have a lamp and a chair, so this packaging will be instantly thrown away. It’s not that beautiful a lamp or chair when transformed (my opinion) so there is no incentive to keep it, the wine bottle already has a base, but because of the bad design, a further set of legs has to be added to prevent it tipping over, spoiling the aesthetic. It appears this base does not come from the packaging but is a wasteful addition. To get the packaging to tesselate to form a bench, tags have been added that spoil the clean lines of the lamp shade. It’s just trying to do too much and not totally suceeding in any area. Also not sure of the fire retading nature of the material Polli-Ber, but the lamp proximity could cause a fire hazard. Question everything and accept very little of it!

  • Jimmy C says:

    Honestly, I’m most worried about enabling drinkers.

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