Save the World, Twice a Day

The common toothbrush is ready for a reboot! TIO reimagines the everyday toothbrush as a comprehensive oral care solution that combines the best elements of design and sustainability. Made from bioplastics and with a reusable brush handle and packaging that doubles as a travel case, its carbon footprint is as small as they come. With an advanced bristle profile based on the latest dental research, it’s as good for your teeth as it is the environment!

Designer: Fabian Ghoshal & Benjamin Beck


  • davidj says:

    Where is this for sale?

  • Ben says:

    Hey Davidj,

    You can preorder the TIO toothbrush via kickstarter:

    Would be great to receive your support as we are in the final days of our campaign.

    Best Ben

  • Pauline says:

    Hey guys! Unfortunately I came across your kickstarter campaign after it ended and I wish I had the chance to try your product! It seems that the toothbrush is priced very affordably as well. I am creating a website where people can find carefully vetted and picked sustainable items but further more, to get to know these awesome brands doing awesome things. I would love to keep in touch with you guys for when the site is up because I think you guys would be absolutely perfect.

    As a business suggestion, if you guys can get prices lower than regular toothbrushes, maybe you guys could try out a similar subscription business model like the ‘Dollar Shave’ club. Toothbrushes are such a necessity that if it was economically better, I would totally do a subscription and use your product for the rest of my life. The issue with purchasing is if my toothbrush is dead, I can’t wait a week or a couple days until my Tio brush comes in.

    Regardless, I wish you guys the best and good on you for breaking out of the wrath of the big corporate thinkers. People like you make the world a better place.

    • Benjamin says:

      Dear Pauline, thanks a lot for your interest in TIO 🙂
      Indeed the idea of a subscription service is pretty awesome! At the moment we’re concentrating on the production as soon this is done we’ll think about the different purchasing models. We’ve set up a quick site where you can registerand get informed as soon as the TIO toothbrush is available. Otherwise please feel free to get directly in touch with us whenever you want to, always nice to talk to likeminded people.

      All the Best


      • Michael Joo says:

        Dear Ben,

        I have come across your product and fall in love with yours soon as I watched the promotion video.
        Regrading the product, I have sent you a facebook message to TIO facebook page.
        I would be much appreciated if we can keep in touch and receive a reply from you soon.

        What is the beat way to communicate with you directly?

        Let us keep in touch and I would love to get updated on your great product on a regular basis.

        Thank you!

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