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Designers, you have my immense respect for your talents in rendering your ideas. This is one area that I fall short and therefore happy to learn that the KeyShot 4 doesn’t require any specialized expertise. The program has 6 main buttons rather than hundreds of parameters, options, sliders, and adjustments found in traditional rendering programs. It is the perfect tool for anyone involved with 3D data: industrial designers, mechanical engineers, marketing professionals, photographers, CG experts – you name it. The only limitation is our creativity!

In essence, KeyShot is an entirely CPU based standalone 3D rendering and animation system for 3D data. The program has been designed in such a way that it removes the complexity out of rendering realistic images. One of the reasons why I think it’s a game changer in the 3D rendering field is that the program allows you to see results at the same time you make changes. Using all of your computers processor power, it delivers stunning images of your 3D data. MAC and PC users don’t need a special graphics card, or any dedicated drivers!

Besides being a real-time ray-tracing and global illumination program, it supports import for the greatest number of 3D file formats out of any rendering software, importing over 20 different file types.

You can see what’s new in KeyShot 4 here and download a FREE TRIAL here.

An Overview:

  • KeyShot 4 has an incredibly simple user interface with drag-n-drop material and environment presets.
  • It can even turn any object into a point light, area light or IES light profile.
  • Luxion develops their own CPU-based rendering technology, so no special graphics cards are needed and they’re not dependent on outside development for support or driver updates.

KeyShot comes in two version:

  • The base version of KeyShot is $995 and KeyShot Pro is $1995 which includes higher resolution rendering, an HDR Editor, Render passes, Render layers, View/model sets and .OBJ export.
  • An Animation add-on is available for $500 and the KeyShotVR add-on, that allows you to create an interactive product portfolio for web and touch-enabled mobile devices, is available for $1000.

KeyShot 4 Highlights

Live Linking

Live linking for Creo, SolidWorks & Rhino Live linking allows seamless model updates between the modeling software and KeyShot, without having to reassign materials or update settings.

Physical lights

KeyShot 4 introduces physically correct lights that turn any geometry into a local light source. It’s a completely different approach from traditional rendering applications. Simply apply a light source to any objects you like.

Pantone® and RAL colors

With a new partnership, the entire Pantone® and RAL color systems come to KeyShot. Search by color, number or with the color picker. Drag and drop colors onto your objects completely independent of the material. Even add your own colors with a click of the mouse or the import of a file.

MOLD-TECH® textures

In another first for the CGI industry, Luxion becomes the only source for accurate representations of Mold-Tech textures inside a rendering application. With hundreds of textures and all the options to refine your appearance, KeyShot brings a level of realism to your visuals that can’t be matched.

Rounded edges

Avoid the time involved in adding small fillets and radii to the edges and corners of your 3D geometry. KeyShot can do it all for you.

Translucent materials

The improved translucent material in KeyShot 4 delivers more accurate subsurface scattering. With support for specular maps, caustic illumination and scientifically correct interaction with physical lights, KeyShot translucent materials are being called the best in the industry.

Improved import

Improved import Importing geometry is the most basic requirement and KeyShot brings in more options to import data accurately and keep that data updated throughout your workflow. Choose to keep the original size of the model or to update the model with a click of a button, while maintaining all materials and animations.

More details on What’s New can be found here.

If we have piqued your interest enough but you still want to get the vibe before getting the entire package, then head for the FREE TRIAL right now!