Win The Mesmerizing Black Diamond iPhone Dock and Impress Your Date

Ambient lighting & Music play an important role as mood enhancers, no wonder the settings for a romantic date is soft lightings with candle-lit dinner and soulful music. Likewise for your home! When it’s missing the right colors or you need to create the perfect ambience at for a date, you must get the Black Diamond iPhone Dock. Even better, why don’t I just give you one…for FREE! Hit the jump to know how you can WIN One!

The Black Diamond iPhone dock works with 5 different color schemes via the free iPhone App, to perk up your room.

This gorgeous dock has a special reward tier in CKIE where you can pre-order the US$45 dock add in an extra $10, upping the pledge to $55. THREE lucky backers get a chance to equally split the pool of extra $10 collected, making this an awesome raffle-kinda draw!

To spice up the offer and match it here on Yanko Design, One lucky reader gets to Win The Black Diamond by simply telling us how they will use the Black Diamond to perk up their room.

Too bad I can’t enter this giveaway, but if I were you, I’d up my chances and try my luck at both CKIE and YD! With the extra cash from the CKIE pledge I’d plan a swanky dinner for my date and then round it up with a nightcap; soft music from my iPhone and Black Diamond colors to set the mood! How romantic!

Contest Closes: 5th June, 11:59 pm PST

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