3D Designer’s Heaven

PULSE is an all-in-one 3D animation station that aims to make the design process easier and more efficient by simplifying the commercial workspace setup. Noting that designers typically use many different controllers in various stages of animation, the workstation merges all components into one versatile completely modular workstation with 3 monitors and 4 controllers. Perfect for creating 3D visuals like the sweet vid after the jump!

Designer: Sangaroon Cheamsawat

Pulse High-Performance All-in-One Workstation Official Video from Pumpo Raro on Vimeo.


  • Kevin says:

    This might just be the ultimate workstation computer. I love it.

  • stephen russell says:

    Need these for every Tech & Voc Ed school around aside Art design schools.
    IE & for JCs.
    Be awesome.
    Hope its User friendly for non designer types.
    (do basics & computer does Restr IE for Eng specs etc).

  • bill davidson says:

    is this for sale? where can i get one, i want it

  • Sangaroon says:

    i really appreciated all your interested in my project.
    Here is my portfolio website, its should be grateful if you guys make a visit :).



  • Juan says:

    Does this work with a certain 3d animator software? Or can I use it with my cinema 4D?

  • Sangaroon says:

    Thank you so much. I am very grateful for your appreciation in my design. However, I must apologize that my design is only the industrial product design awaiting investor to
    put money in for the production. And, I am hoping that there might be someone who would be interested in investment to lubricate this product. I will inform you of further commercial
    development, if possible.

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