The V Toast

The Toaster & Knife is the combination of a toaster and Double bladed ‘Y shaped’ knife that have a definitive purpose. The bent shape of the toaster creates an iconic V shape toast and the Y shaped knife, solves the “double dipping” problem. Yes, one blade for the butter and the other for the jam! The center of the toast breaks easily into a sandwich, making your breakfast routine crispier!

Advisors: Mr. Yoav Ziv and Mrs. Michal Fraifeld

Designer: Zlil Lazarovich

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Kim L. says:

    That’s such an ingenious idea! I’m addicted to peanut butter and jelly and could really use one of those Y shaped knives.

  • Silvester says:

    cool really nice
    but my toaster has just 2 sluts.
    so I can do the same with it.
    Why I should buy thisone?

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