Gift Of The Magi

The Gift Of The Magi is a great story involving love, combs and long tresses, which brings me to the product of the day – hairbrushes. We all own one, but how many of us actually sanitize ours on a regular basis? Right, not many! So how about a MagicComb; a very skillfully designed brush that winds up its bristles in such a way that all fallen, tangled hair come off easily!

Designers: Kim Tae-Jin & Su-in Kim


  • I think I’ve seem something like that many years ago…

    Lately, I haven’t and it is a great idea that someome should start selling. I’d but my girlfriend one, for sure! (I hate the hairy hairbrush in the bathroom…

    Pperhaps it could be refined a little, as hair that is spun around one of the brushes will get stuck behind the red ‘ball’/

  • ata says:

    very goog

  • Yuu says:

    Magic COMB is not a very good name. Namely because this is a brush and not a comb.

    This seems more like a gimmick than something that has actual use. It’s quite easy to remove hair from a brush after every use. This idea might be more suited to those who don’t bother to clean their brush every single time and let the hair build up though. But by that time, the hair would be so wound up in the brush that it’d simply be stuck even if the bristles are retracted.

  • small volcanic says:

    Maybe it could be better to accomplish the idea and to solve the problem.O(∩_∩)O~

  • Smexycan says:

    Horrible, the hair would be hanging onto the ball even if the bristles are retracted. Saw one redesign where the brush can be opened up allowing the hair to be removed. See – “Maze Hair Brush”

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