Warm organic products for you and your pet to bond over!

Pets are an integral part of our lives, in fact, it’s safe to say that we share our lives, homes, and hearts with them. They’re always around us, while we sleep, eat, rest, watch TV, basically as we go about our daily lives. In an attempt to emphasize and encourage this connection between humans and their pets, designer Laia Fusté Cusó designed Cluc. Cluc is a collection of objects designed especially for cats, a series of products for them to play with and learn from. These products encourage interaction between our pets and us, allowing us to share our lives with them even more deeply! The collection includes a nightstand that doubles up as a pet home, a pet feeder and a toy to play with. Created from three completely different materials, all the products would merge seamlessly with your home!

Designer: Laia Fusté Cusó

The first product in the Cluc collection is a nightstand-house, which basically means it’s a nightstand that doubles up a cozy little home for your pet! Created using wicker, the lower half of the nightstand features an entrance, via which your pet can enter the house and snuggle up, while you place your personal belongings on the upper half. Not only does it function as a piece for furniture for your home, but also as a safe space for your furry friend.

The second product is a pet feeder. This ceramic pet feeder is really an intriguing one. Featuring a long neck, it almost looks like a vase. An opening on the top allows you to slip food into the feeder, whereas a larger opening on the bottom half, allows your pet to snoop in and grab some snacks! It’s a product that really allows you to connect with your pet.

The final product in the Cluc collection is a cute toy! Created using olive wood and your run-of-the-mill jute yarn, the toy looks like the quintessential plaything for your cat. Attach the toy onto the wall, and tug down some of the yarn for your pet to play and fiddle about with! They’ll love you for this one.