Steel But Like Sitting On Air

A whopping 80 curved steel rods spring out of the Dome stool’s base to create an intricate yet functional “cushion.” In a strikingly polar blend of materials, the base is constructed from raw beech wood, contrasting the hard metal web. The unorthodox seat is surprisingly comfortable and will even give your booty a lil massage too! Get it here!

Designer: Toer


  • eric says:

    I think the spring cushion will have some adverse effect over time.
    Sitting too long on it could leave the person with bum sore, and the delicate clothing material may have abrasions appearance after awhile.

  • Kat Hing says:

    The skin of leg and the fine hair will be nipped by this chair, if someone just wears boxers, when he/she sits down or stands up. However, except that condition, this chair must be very comfortable.

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