Backing Up Your Trash

How many times have you deleted something only to need it later. All the recovery software in the world might not bring it back and so we need a better solution. The Tempo hard drive looks like a recycling bin because that’s exactly what it is. Anytime you delete files from your computer, those files actually move to the Tempo. When the green ring lights up, it’s time to check and make sure you REALLY want these files gone FOREVER.

Of course, built-in solutions like Apple’s Time Machine will making something like this useless but for older computers, it may be a good idea.

Designer: Cagnina Design


  • DADA says:


  • tso says:

    looks like a cup of instant noodles to me…

  • kamil says:

    u all right pal?

  • Avin says:

    Well theres Time Machine….. on a Mac…. 🙂

  • wwwo says:

    blue tooth is to slow for bulk file transfers

    and no current affordable 250GB storage medium could fit in that container, however say in 5 years when ssd’s cost cents each and when wireless usb has kicked off this would be a nice idea

  • Igor Kolar says:

    Or, you could use, you know…’the’ recycle bin ? Also time machine on Mac.

    It’s neat, but I’m just saying, in a world with limited resources, let’s not waste time, energy and material resources on dedicated devices for every little thing when we can do the same thing virtually.

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