One Foot in Front of Another

The Walking Chair (not to be confused with a walker!) aims to make a parallel between the acts of walking and resting. The chair’s clever leg positioning achieves a visual sensation that the chair is frozen in movement. It really looks caught in mid-dance!

Designer: Luis Ribeiro

walking chair from Luis Ribeiro on Vimeo.


  • Eddd222 says:

    There will be a lot of stress on the fixation of the legs. I would reconsider your proposal for the screws. The woodgrain runs along the leg of the chair (in your model probably only for visual purpose, but considering a long thin wooden part like the leg of this chair, it will probably still run along the length of the chair). on the top you drill a hole to fix the leg with a screw. Most likely the wood will split at this part. Instead of weakening the wood by adding holes and screws. I would add an additional bracket in the corner. I don’t know if it will fit in the general wood look of the chair. If not you could think of glueing it. Discuss it with a carpenter or woodworker

    There is a reason why legs are generally pointing straight down on a chair. I’m not saying your design won’t work, but it needs some structural attention.

  • Luis Ribeiro says:

    Hi Eddd222. Thank you for your comment!
    Those aspects where in fact discussed with a woodworker and resolved with a bigger shim. I invite you to see the first prototype at:

    It soon will be available for sale! Stay tuned

    Best Regards

  • Bernard Tavares says:

    Very Very Good.
    Congratulations for you because this chair has a lot of potential!

  • Luis Ribeiro says:

    Hi Bernard
    Thanks for the support!

  • Jimmy C says:

    I agree Eddd222. That chair would snap very quickly. But I really don’t see any solution that would end with that same crossed look.

  • Brandan says:

    What are the angels of the desgin? for the legs and what not

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