One Spill Each Day

This is one living concept that’s all about conservation. The Napkins Calendar inspires you to only use one cleaning device per 24 hour period. Right? Maybe not.

Napkins Calendar reminds me of a similar project made by my friend and associate Dylan Lathrop. Mr. Lathrop’s project was a collection of stickers that had their “stuck on” date printed on them. The result of the project: reflection.

Reflecting on the notion that we’ve only very recently started championing “green” design in ernest: would a box of calendar napkins make you realize how much you might waste each day?

Designer: Stas Aki


  • Eric says:

    I think it’s a novelty. Won’t change anything in terms of use. You need another one later, you need it!

  • Flo says:

    I think that’s a good idea… cleaning, knowing what date it is and doing something for the environment (if you take only one napkin at a day..) ^^

  • Ekove says:

    Maybe they’d make nice morning towels after you wipe your face. But then again, we don’t need more disposables do we?

  • Hadley says:

    I like the idea, but as more of a statement rather than a functional products – I unfortunately doubt it would be used correctly. But again, love the concept. I mean – think about how many napkins people take when they’re out to eat, etc – way too many!

    However, I came across this modern, modern, eco friendly calendar and think it’s pretty awesome…it’s a perpetual calendar, so you can use it over and over for years to come without ever having to get a new one!

  • winnie says:

    good wishes of the designer ,but i doubt users would use other tissues when they needed

  • Carl says:

    the way im feelin this morning a tissue would be better. as long as the ink used is enviro friendly i dont oppose this.. neat idea really..!

  • dean says:

    better than just throwing away paper i suppose

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