YD & red dot award: design concept 2013 Present the One Hour Free Registration Window

Hideshi Hamaguchi’s formula for innovation is simple: !? – ? = ! [What – Oh this is the reason = Aha!] and this is what we got to see with the red dot award: design concept 2012 winning designs. Innovative solutions by a diverse group of designers from across the globe! For their 2013 competition, red dot award: design concept once again teams up with YD to bring for you the One Hour Free Registration Window that entitles you to a complete fee waiver for pre-judging entries. Details Inside.

The red dot is a recognized international seal for excellence in design innovation. Winning this recognition would provide credit; highlight your existence, widening your client base. This is the only award that evaluates the submitted entries purely on its design merit and not by who submitted the entries. We know this personally because YD’s publisher Takashi Yamada was a jury member for the 2012 competition.


  • On the 6th February 2013, between 8 to 9 am PST, Yanko Design will publish a link for the promo on our homepage
  • The link will take you to a registration form that you need to fill in
  • After you complete the form, you will receive an email with the promo code
  • The code can be used immediately, and will expire on 28 February, 23:59 Singapore time

What’s New:

Till the next announcement comes in, you can browse through the 24 categories and see which best suits your design submission best. Three new categories have been added and they are: Interaction, Skin and Service. To know more about the judging criteria visit here and to know more about the fee structure and timelines, hit this link.

The red dot award: design concept awarding ceremony is always held in Singapore. I have seen the euphoria of winning and the subsequent growth of designers first hand. Trust me, this is one competition you really want to win; have a look here to know why!

Check Your Time Zone

New York: Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 11:00:00 EST UTC-5 hours
Santiago: Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 13:00:00 CLST UTC-3 hours
London: Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 16:00:00 GMT UTC
Frankfurt: Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 17:00:00 CET UTC+1 hour
Singapore: Thursday, 7 February 2013, 00:00:00 SGT UTC+8 hours
Seoul: Thursday, 7 February 2013, 01:00:00 KST UTC+9 hours